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Alibizstore Car DVD Players are great bargains as they are sold at wholesale prices. They are all sized according to the international DIN standard. If you know the DIN size for your or your customer's car, all you need to consider are what features (such as screen size, TV reception, media playback, etc) they are looking for.

Nothing makes a car shine like getting an in-car entertainment center. When we select products, everything from basic systems (which cost less than a flash MP4 player) to top-of-the-line products with huge screens, DVB-T, subwoofers and more, they are at the top of our list.

Car DVD Players with TV Tuners or Video Inputs may have different versions of the same product for different video color regions. (PAL and NTSC)

You may want to check out the Car DVD GPS Installation Guide for instructions, or consult professionals for the actual installation process.

Great wholesale car monitors for your automobile. Grab a cheap car headrest monitor, flip down monitor, or sun visor monitor bargain today.

When in-dash car DVD players aren't enough for you, perhaps you should think about providing a full video / gaming / car PC upgrade for all the seats in your car. For the passenger in the front you can put in a sun visor monitor, for the back there are headrest screens or roof monitors for bigger vehicles. A 15" roof monitor would normally be most suitable for a bus, so in a normal car you'll have a truly impressive sight.

Unless otherwise stated, all car video devices here will work any place in the world. But please choose the correct side for sun visor monitors. Driving while watching video is not recommended!

If you aren’t sure about the Car Video Installation, check out for instructions, or consult professionals for the actual installation process. Rewiring and connecting the audio and video wires in your car seats, floor, or headliner is a task that should be undertaken with care. However, the end results will be well worth the effort.